Virgin TV

A poster for the new Virgin TV V6 box. Commissioned by BBH.


Washington Post

Some end of the year typography for a best of everything round up by The Washington Post


5280 Denver Magazine

An illustration for Denver's 5280 Magazine about how twitter can be used to collect information about potential customers by businesses.



Another cover for French design/advertising magazine Strategies



Some illustrated boards to be used in a promo movie by KFC, they will be held up to the camera by staff members.


More Crowdcubing!

A new poster for Crowdcube



An illustration for Squaremeal Magazine about non-vintage champagnes and the types of grapes that are used in their production.



These 3 posters are for Crowdcube an online investing business that helps start-up companies achieve financing.


More Moaning Karl Pilkington

After going on a journey of discovery in The Moaning of Life, the enlightened one - Karl Pilkington - finds himself back on the road.
More Moaning follows Karls journey as he searches the globe for the answers to lifes big questions and the meaning of life itself. Published by Canongate



More work for McDonalds this time in the UK. This is one of a series of mural panels I've worked on for them covering issues and achievements relating to the company.



Some Euro Tournament related illustrations for McDonalds Air le Mag publication in France



I've worked with Penguin on 4 new Shakespeare editions released to mark the 400th anniversary of the bards death. Heres the first two and a bit of blurb.

Cease I say, cantankerous old fools /
Thy deeds hath made our streets a no go zone /
No more shall Montagues and Capulets /
Enact their West Side Story Sharks and Jets /
Or else shall pay the forfeit of the peace.To celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death, this is the second of a new collection of the Bard's greatest plays, digested to a few thousand words with invaluable footnotes from John Sutherland. Funny and incredibly clever, these parodies are a joy for those who know their Shakespeare, perfect for the theatre goer needing a quick recap, and a massive relief for those just desperate to pass their English exam.

More info here


Doctors waiting room

An illustration for New Scientist about unusual words.

Sensible brands doing Sensible things....

I worked with the ad agency Isobel on this promo newspaper to show of some of the recent work they have done for brands such as National Express, Danepak and Bordeaux Wines.

Brands story

An illustration for the US based Entrepreneur Magazine.