Words in the city

Cover for Faber and Faber's new books catalogue, featuring typefaces let loose in Bloomsbury and getting up to mischief. Art direction from Brighton's Crush


Alpkit mugs

I have designed these 4 mugs for my pals at outdoor company Alpkit. Each mug shows a creature tangling with explorers. You can get them here. Best not to venture far from the lights of the town I think...


Kemistry Kristmas

I have some work in the new Christmas show that opens at Kemistry in Shoreditch on friday. Lots of great stuff will be available to buy from people such as Parra, James Joyce, Dan Eatock, Hvass & Hannibal and many others. I'll have some prints, some of my goldfish bowls and a painted sign. Take a look here


Keep smiling

I have made 2 signs for the Soma Gallery Christmas show. They are painted in enamel on wood, measure 43 x31 cm and are £60. You can buy them here along with lots of other nice stuff on the Soma site. Sorry to keep mentioning Christmas in november. Sold Out


In search of the South Pole

I have designed the endpapers for 'In search of the South Pole' by Huw Lewis-Jones and Kari Herbert. If you want to find out about Scott, Amundsen and lots of others this is the book to get. You can buy it from Amazon here or from Polarworld here. I've also made a screenprint of the endpapers thats also available from the Polarworld site



Its that time of year when snowflakes must be drawn...
These are some Christmas labels for a gift guide in Time Out Chicago.
First Christmas job done!


The Lonely Goldfish

I have made some more Lonely Goldfish sculptures. They are wooden and handpainted in enamels. Some more details here



A new T-shirt from 2k by Gingham. You can get it here


almost done

Nearly finished painting the goldfish bowls. Just got to add the eyes and mouth. Then print some boxs.
The fumes are killing me!



Been on holiday to Madrid. Now I have a cold, poor me.


Sight and Sound

The London Film Festival starts today and I've done the cover of this months Sight and Sound magazine which has a profile of it.


Google people

Man/woman at computer desk is one of my drawn specialities and this time they are in a booklet for Google.



Here are twenty five wooden goldfish bowls that I undercoated today. Hopefully soon they will all look like the one below.



These will be something soon


One pot wonders

Page opener for Bon Appetit, a US food and drink magazine


Live happily

A new poster for Virgin Active. I've done several formats of this one for different sized billboards. Send me a pic if you spot one!


Tiphaine book

My French agent Tiphaine has just published a book. 'Jaime, J'aime pas' has 2 pages for each of the illustrators she represents on which they comment upon something they love/hate. You even get some free stickers to fill in the small gap left on each picture. Click here to go to her site and have a look at the work of Genevieve Gauckler, Klaus Haapaniemi and Sac Magique as well as us brits including Al Murphy, Spencer Wilson, Andrew Rae and Tado


Football Football

These are two book jackets that I've worked on for Carlton Books. They are in a similar style to the England Supporters Guide which I did prior to Englands attempt at the world cup earlier in the year. The drawings are all different despite looking similar. It didn't help that all 3 play in red and white. I wasn't tempted to cut and paste, honest.


I have a couple of pages in the new issue of Grafik. They have a hand drawn type special with work from Jody Barton, Dan Cassaro, Mario Hugo, Carolyn Sewell, Seb Lester, Deanne Cheuk, Gemma O'Brien, Friends of Type, Si Scott and myself. Plus lots of other stuff too. Get it!


Built to last

An illustration for Imbibe about how to make a success of running a restaurant


Les Echos

Some lettering for French newspaper Les Echos. Its technical stuff about asset management companies (I'm told)



I've made this for a type show at AMVBBDO. Its made to hang on the stairs.
Its made of wood and painted in super shiny enamels.


Typographic Sketch Books

I have some work in this new book by Steven Heller and Lita Talarico. Published by Thames and Hudson its a big book packed with stuff.

Heres some blurb:

Aimed at all those who use type, whether by hand or on screen, and selected by the world’s most knowledgeable and well-connected graphic design commentator, Steven Heller, this survey gets into the minds of designers who create typefaces, word-images and logos through examination of their private sketchbooks.

Arranged by designer, this collection reveals how the world’s top typographers and designers strive to find new and exciting ways of communicating through letters and words.

Contributors include both the world-renowned – Milton Glaser, Erik Spiekermann, Peter Bilak and Jean Baptiste LevĂ©e – and the up and coming, while Steven Heller and Lita Talarico’s text provides invaluable commentary on the designers’ creative process, their design philosophies, inspirations, techniques and influences.