Pile Up

A 10 colour silkscreen print made for 'My favourite present' a Christmas show on now at the Soma Gallery in Bristol. This was printed in an edition of 30 and is £60. Its based on some of the work I've been doing with nineteenseventythree.


Amazon books

The cover for 'Notes from the Dog' has been nominated as one of the best childrens covers of the year in the 2009 Amazon top 60 covers list. If you log in here you can vote and also enter a competition to win all the books.

Blue Inks

A new mini poster...


Win a book

The people at Thunderchunky.co.uk have two copies of my Blue Inks book to give away. To win one all you need to do is send them a tweet telling them what you would do with a load of blue ink. Heres the link



I also have some work in this book by Carolyn Knight and Jessica Glaser, which is published by Rotovision.

They have included my quite confusing Indiewood chart which I originally made for Sight and Sound magazine


Global Contexts

I have some work in this book by Mark Wigan. Its published by AVA.



Nikalas Catlow has put some of my sketchbooks up on his book design blog The apple and the egg. These drawings from a trip to New York are a bit old...

And these are a bit newer...


A test for a Perrier job for Ogilvys in the UK that came to nothing...