How heavy?

I feel heavy is another t-shirt from 2K by Gingham. I have one to give away, all you have to do is guess the weight of this large mens t-shirt. The one closest by the nearest gram gets the shirt. Answer in the comments or tweet me.

The T was won by Matt Baxter. It was 235g


Brady Udall

Last year I worked on the cover for Brady Udalls The Lonely Polygamist for Vintage. Its now being released in the smaller regular paperback size and I've had the chance to re do the cover again. Here it is along with a matching rework of Udalls The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint. They are again published by Vintage. The art direction was by Kris Potter.


I also do crisps

I designed the packaging for these crisps by Golden Wonder. Crispman says 'like monster munch but better'. I haven't tried them yet.


Beware Tee

Heres a new T-shirt that I've done with the people at Gingham 2K. You can buy them from their site here but I have one to give away to the first person who can guess which 60's- 70's rocker this beware man is based on. Post your answers in the comments or send me a tweet. -(This isn't easy to guess!)

Thanks if you entered but Scott Garrett got it in record time. Its Leon Russell.



This summer I am going to be having a show at Soma in Bristol. I've been working on a lot of new prints on paper but also on wood. I'll post some up pics nearer the time but heres some blurb to be going on with.

'His summer show at Soma Gallery in Bristol will include a set of 12 new large artworks, hand screenprinted by Andy and featuring his distinct hand lettering and visuals. They deal with bold statements, strange visitors, warnings from gurus, the thoughts of Captain Scott and other random themes. Accompanying these prints will be an eclectic collection of new 3D arrows and moose heads, totes, stickers and one sad lonely, goldfish.'



This is a video made for The British Heart Foundation to help promote the good campaigning work they do. I worked on this with NB Studio and the animation was done by Bali Engel in just one week.


Spent the last week in Berlin having a look about.