Thinking Caps

I have a cycling cap that I painted in this show at Howies in Bristol. Its part of The Bristol Cycling Festival. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the actual cap. Maybe someone will send me some?


Counter Print

You can now buy some of my prints at Counter Objects, along with lots of other great work from other folks. Have a look at Counter Print for books too.


How to book

I have some work in this book which advises about how to make up a portfolio and go about getting some work, its by Fig Taylor, one of the advisors to the AOI and is published by Laurence King.


Alexei Sayle

I've done the cover for Alexei Sayles new book Stalin ate my homework. Its a memoir about his childhood and growing up in Liverpool. Its published by Sceptre


IT book

A collaboration with Canadian illustrator Ryan Snook.
This was an experiment where one of us drew a page and then passed it over the web for the other to finish and in doing so construct a story, sort of like Exquisite Corpse. Here is the cover and some of the pages. I have some of these books on my site and Ryan has some if you're in the US or Canada.