1000 Indie Posters

I have some work in this new book by John Foster. Its published by Rockport and has got a lot of posters in it.



New Scientist

I have two illustrations in this months New Scientist. One about the awful christmas music that they play in stores and one about how and why bitter beers are getting more and more bitter.



An alphabet made up from bits of type from jobs over the year. I answered some questions about 2010 for Its Nice That and this was used to accompany them.


big book

I have some work in this book thats published by DAAB. It comes in a box and is massive. It has quite a big price too at 79 euros.


finish what you start

I have signed 150 'Finish what you start' posters tonight. You can get them from the Do Shop for £35 and they will be posted out at the end of the week.



I've also printed some handkerchiefs. They are comedy sized super big ones at 45 x 45 cm.

t towels

To counteract the Optimism book jacket I have printed up a few doomy T Towels that you can now buy in my shop.


Nice Tee

Its nice that have printed up the Nice picture that I did for them on to some T-shirts. You can get them here in many sizes, one of which should fit.


An Optimists Tour

Another book cover, it must be that time of year... This ones published by Profile Books.

Ellen Raskin

These are 3 book covers that have just been released by Puffin in the US. The original covers for these books were drawn by Ellen Raskin herself who did some great work and is well worth looking up. Heres a couple of examples, here and here


Finish what you start

This is an A1 poster that I've designed for the Do Lectures Art pays for Free posters series. You can but it on their shop for £35 and the profits go towards helping fund the lectures. They also have a nice one by Anthony Burrill and upcoming ones from Geoff McFetridge and Alex Heslop



An illustration for 5280 Magazine in Denver. This accompanied an article about the writers indecision about whether or not to use her future husbands surname. Its written by Jennie Dorris (she didn't).