'Pulled- A Catalogue of screenprints' is Mike Perrys new book. Published by Princetown Architectual Press its in a similar format to his earlier books Handjob and Over and Over. Whats nice about it is that instead of just using digital artwork files to show the work as often happens, hes instead photographed the actual prints so its much more authentic. I have some work in there alongside lots of good stuff from people such as Aesthetic Apparatus, Seripop, Imeus, Jim Datz, Rinzen, Scott Barry, Jim Stoten and Mike himself. Buy it!

Teachers toolkit

Book cover for Continuum press.


SCT Magazine

Cover illustration for SCT Magazine in the US.


Wooden things

I've been making these out in the garden this weekend. The entire house, windows and me are now all covered in a fine wood dust but they are all done and nice and smooth. I am going to paint them for my Soma show. They are based on my Its nice that drawings from the previous post so no surprises about what they are going to be about. They aren't going to be chopping boards.


Pick me up

Some more photos from Its Nice Thats drawathon at Somerset House. I might do the lonely goldfish as a screenprint sometime.


rsvp hrh

Thursday night is the private view of the alternative wedding invite RSVP HRH show. It will be at the Rag Factory on Brick Lane. I've posted my picture up as its on the internet already anyway, but they'll be work from 30 other designers including Bille Jean, Richard Hogg, Jesse Auersalo and Si Scott and also a live band and a charity auction of the prints. You can see some more of the work on the Creative Review blog here and all the details of the show are here (If you'd like to come along you need to rsvp them first: rsvphrh(at)gmail.com



I have made these illustrations for Construction Manager about the future of self build housing.

Hello There chair

I bought this 70's chair from a shop in St Leonards and have spent the last few weeks polishing it up with wire wool. Its shining nicely now but I've got very black fingernails.