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A couple of illustrations for the FT saturday magazine for an article about how we make decisions and how they are affected by instinct.



Win a T-shirt

I've printed up a few of these T-shirts as tests. I have 5 to give away so if anyone would like one just send me an email with your address and at the end of the week I'll pick 5 five names out and send them out. They are all large.

This is now closed. Katie Allen, Jack Teagle, Matt Morris, Guy P and Melissa Buchanan you've all won T's. I'll post them out next week. Thanks to everyone else who emailed me, if you sent an address I'll post you out a newspaper in a couple of weeks when I get them printed.


Things through the post

Ryan Dixon sent me these 2 print jobs hes recently put together. 'A little book of spam' about emails that have been getting through spam filters and London 1947 which is based on the language of an old London guide from the 40's. Have a look at his site for more details and to get a copy of them


Haiti poster project

haiti poster project
I've silkscreened this print for the Haiti Poster Project. Its made in an edition of 25 and all proceeeds from its sale will go to the Doctors Without Borders earthquake disaster relief fund. More details on this site



Illustration in saturdays FT Weekend Magazine about the popularity of the Triathlon. Apparently its the one of the challenges that everyone wants to tick off their 'to do' list.
Not everyone.