Do Book Co

I've just finished work on this book. Written by David Hieatt the guy who set up Howies, The Path of a Doer is a story about how to get things done and make things happen. Its the first book to come from his Do Book Comapny which helps to fund the Do Lectures series. Theres a lot more info and buying details from Amazon here.
I have 2 copies of the book to give away to the first 2 people to leave a message in the comments below. Don't forget to leave an email or web address so I can contact you. *All gone now!*


Screen Burn

A couple of illustrations for The Guardian Guide. Its Charlie Brookers last Screen Burn after writing the column for 10 years. What will he be doing next week?



Illustration for an article in New Scientist about how Einsteins theory of relativity may no longer be able to explain the vastness of the universe as we now know it.
I went for the good old 'write it big' option.


I've done some drawings that have been used to illustrate a BBC Switchover guide thats sent out to elderly and disabled people so explain what its all about and how they can get help if needed.

Theres a lot of animals wandering around too.


Sight and Sound

Some typography for the cover of Sight and Sound London film festival issue.


This is one of the envelopes for my 'My nose smells funny book'. Its very popular with postmen.


My nose smells funny

This is new little book that I've just finished screenprinting. Theres some more info here.


Red dog

A new silkscreen print.



A drawing for issue 4 of the excellent magazine 'Its Nice That'. Hopefully this will also be appearing on a T-shirt soon.