Royalty Agreements

the illustrators guide
A page in 'The illustrators guide' a book about illustration and the law/business published by the AOI. Its got lots on info about contracts, copyright, pricing etc.



andy smith books
Tastefully arranged books in fancy cellophane wrapping....


roses and champagne


2 more ads for Nicolas.....

Zine- I pretend to work

This is going to be a little book/zine. Its a bit simpler than my usual silkscreened books as its just a collection of doodles and ideas and is made from photocopies with a screenprinted cover. I have a lot of stapling to do....


The Hi Tide

hi tide
hi tide
'The Hi Tide' is a new screenprinted book that I've been working on. Its all printed now and just needs to be put together....


Nicolas- rework

fathers day
Another fathers day ad as the previous had some legal troubles to do with French law, alcohol and mouths...


Nicolas- Fathers day

fathers day
Another poster for Nicolas. This time for Fathers Day.

Doodle for hunger

doodle for hunger
The Doodle for Hunger Celebrity Art Auction is a yearly event in New York. Organised by the Capuchin Monks all proceeds go to the Capuchin food pantries for the homeless. Stars such as De Niro, Woody Allen, Muhammad Ali and Gwyneth Paltrow all produce a doodle thats then auctioned off. I'm not sure why they ask me to do one but they do and heres what I did....


Custom Kicks

custom kicks
custom kicks
This is my contribution to 'Custom Kicks' a book about customized trainers thats published by Laurence King Publishing and is out now. Its put together by Kim and Matthijs at Maki


This years NBA Final features the LA Lakers and their long time rivals the Boston Celtics who haven't been in the final for 20 years. I've learnt all this since doing this illustration for Brian over at the Boston Globe.