green city

A cover for Portland Monthly Magazine over in the US.


I've been doing a lot of illustrations for BT over the past year or so. Heres one of them...



Infectious in the US have launched 'Beasts' a set of my drawings as vinyl car art that you can decorate your car with. Go and buy some!



pretend to work
This is a little book that I finished recently. Its less finished than my other books and is mostly full of doodles and ideas that don't seem to fit in anywhere else. Its going on to my shop page to be given away as a freebie with the other books.

Its nice that

The first in a series of exhibitions featuring the work posted on the design blog It's Nice That in it's original format.
I have a couple of pictures in this show - 'Janet' and 'I pretend to work'. Its currently up at Plymouth College of Art and at some point will come up to London. See the blog here

The Guardian

Illustration for The Guardian about how writers blurbs on the back of books come about.



This is a Nabaztag. A Wi-Fi enabled rabbit.
60 artists and designers have customized a bunch of these for an exhibition that will be previewed in the Pret a Porter Paris fashion shows. The Nabaztags will then be shown in Milan, Tokyo and New York before being auctioned off for charity. Heres mine.
To find out more about this from the organisers Violet click here.

Fingers in Pies

easy as pie
Done for Legalease.


Feelgood Drinks

feelgood drinks
My illustrations are now being used on the packaging for The Feelgood Drink Company. Sadly you can't see them on this bottle very well but they are there....



Heres a couple of the ads that I've been working on for Orange in France. They are press ads and posters.

Greetings from...

Greetings from is an exhibition organised by Sunshine Studio Tokyo. Lots of postcards have been drawn on by illustrators and artists from all over the world. Each postcard features the home town of the artist and is then customized before being sent. See the entries here.


Hi Tide

I've finished this new book and it will be up on my website soon when I do a big update in a week or so. Here are some pages (I haven't given the ending away)


This was done for the Arts Council through Intro. It will be used in a book and on a poster to help define their target audience.

Text and Image

text and image
I've got some work in this book by Mark Wigan. I think it might have been out a while but they've just sent me a copy.