Choc des cultures

This is the first in a series of posters that I'll be doing for the French wine shop chain Nicolas through Proximity BBDO Paris. This one is about a dual between Bordeaux and Burgundy wines. Theres lots of complicated laws in France about what you can and can't show in alcohol advertising but this one made it through...


Friendship challenge

I've been working on a book for WilliamJoseph called 'Friendship challenge' , its got a doodley kind of look....


Print club

...Heres the final print, all trimmed and ready to go.

Print Club

I've been screenprinting a print for a 'Blisters on my fingers' a show organised by Rose at Print Club London. The idea is that 35 illustrators each produce a 50x70cm screenprint in an edition of 35, each print will then be sold for £35. The show is taking place on the 11th-13th July in the east end near Liverpool St and should be good. I will post up more info about it when I get it.

Skinny cow

I've just finished working on another ad for Skinny Cow. I did all the type and the photography is by David Lidbetter.


Knowing when to fold 'em

An illustration for the US based HHMI magazine - Howard Hughes Medical Institute. I can't remember exactly what this was about but its something to do with the bodies cells and their ability of knowing when to die or when to carry on. I think I did understand it when I did the illustration....Not light reading.


I've splashed out on a rubber stamp of I pretend to work for my mailouts, maybe this will cheer the postman up.



A 'b' for Bunch.



I've just been sent some stuff from Mike at Kicksville Skateboards in Sweden including a new board that I did for them a while ago, stickers and t-shirts. They can be found here and have also got designs by Eboy and others....



Computer arts

i pretend to work
'I pretend to work' is featured in the Output section of this months Computer Arts magazine.


I like this box....

...especially the way the type goes down the sides.


Howies T

one mans junk
'One mans junk is another mans treasure' is a t-shirt I've designed for Howies. You can get it on their website here


Big nose

I've been working with Delphine and Stephane at Proximity Paris on a new french campaign that hasn't come out yet. We've also worked on this, a bit of a strange poster for the Meribel Avertising Festival thats held at the french ski resort in the alps....