Keep smiling

I have made 2 signs for the Soma Gallery Christmas show. They are painted in enamel on wood, measure 43 x31 cm and are £60. You can buy them here along with lots of other nice stuff on the Soma site. Sorry to keep mentioning Christmas in november. Sold Out


In search of the South Pole

I have designed the endpapers for 'In search of the South Pole' by Huw Lewis-Jones and Kari Herbert. If you want to find out about Scott, Amundsen and lots of others this is the book to get. You can buy it from Amazon here or from Polarworld here. I've also made a screenprint of the endpapers thats also available from the Polarworld site



Its that time of year when snowflakes must be drawn...
These are some Christmas labels for a gift guide in Time Out Chicago.
First Christmas job done!


The Lonely Goldfish

I have made some more Lonely Goldfish sculptures. They are wooden and handpainted in enamels. Some more details here



A new T-shirt from 2k by Gingham. You can get it here