Hooper and Shaw

If you're in Cornwall this summer and tiring of spending all your money on pasties and would instead like to buy a little screenprinted book about target people or a print of a french rooster then pop along to Hooper and Shaw at Port Issac. Yes, they now stock some of my stuff.


KK Outlet show

The Tart Cards exhibition opens tonight at the KesselsKramer Outlet in Hoxton Square. Over 200 cards will be show. Its held in collaboration with Wallpapers Sex and Art issue and you can see all the entries here issue. It will run until the 29th June.



A drawing of Serge Gainsbourg for Jonathan Edwards Draw Serge blog.



Illustration for French newspaper 'Les Echos' about Googles economic power over its newer startup competitors


Big Foot

These cards are available from Art Bureau and are a must for any Sasquatch fan. They are only $3!


Cinema Francais

Another new screenprint. This is based on an image that I originally made for the film magazine Sight and Sound about French cinema.

I can say without a smirk I transcended time and space

say without a smirk
This is a new print that I've done in collaboration with Will Bryant in the US. I have a few to sell so have a look in my shop if you'd like to buy one. Also have a look at Wills site here.