Battling the elements

I've designed another batch of mugs for my friends at Alpkit. This series is called Battling the Elements and has a group of greek/roman god characters causing havoc for some outdoor types. You can but them from Alpkit here


Reinventing Lettering

I have some work in this book (I think) but haven't seen it and I can't remember what it was. Heres the cover anyway, till I find out.



Heres a recipe illustration I did for kids magazine Anorak for a kind of croissant bread pudding type thing. The cover is by Studio Tipi.



I designed this logo graphic for Team GB Olympic runner Julia Bleasdale. The type is from a quote from one of her BBC interviews - 'I came to the Games saying I am not here for the tracksuit...'.
Go Julia!


More Goldfish

I have made a new batch of Lonely Goldfish. You can get them from my website here


New prints

Some new colourways of popular prints that I've sold out of. They are on my site here

Big word

Taxi Studio asked me to contribute to a book of phobias that they have put together. Mine was Hippopotomonstrossesquippedaliophobia - fear of long words - which I spread over a few pages and roped in a hippo to help.