Full English

I was selected to take part in Bakers Dozen, a print project organised by Ted Baker and the AOI. The theme I was given to work with was the english breakfast. I've carried out quite a bit of research into this topic over the years and I felt as though I knew my subject. Theres some info below but all is explained on the Ted Baker site here.

Ted Baker is collaborating with The Association of Illustrators (AOI) to commission ‘Baker’s Dozen,’ whereby thirteen talented artists will produce one-off pieces of British themed artwork. Each A2 personally signed print will have a print run of 1000 copies and will be gifted to customers worldwide from 18thOctober 2012, spending over £150 on Ted’s new Autumn Winter 2012 collections.

The full list of illustrators involved is Sara Fanelli, Katherina Manolessou, Robert Shadbolt, Allan Deas, Laura Barrett, Alice Potter, Jane Smith, Paul Bommer, Freddy Boo, Gemma Latimer, Andy Smith, Matt Richards, Michael Woods and Lina Kusaite.

Nice embossing!


Big Questions from little people...

'Big questions from little people..answered by some very big people' by Gemma Elwin Harris is a book I've been working on for Faber and Faber. Over 100 questions from children have been answered by experts and celebrities such as David Attenborough, Jarvis Cocker, Alain de Botton, Richard Dawkins and Tracey Emin.
Theres some great questions in there such as Can a bee sting a bee? How does fire get on fire? and Is it okay to eat a worm?

Heres some more blurb and some pictures from inside the book-
Children have a knack of asking great questions: Why is the sea salty? How far away is space? Why can't I tickle myself? What makes me me? But how are we supposed to answer them? Imagine if we could turn to a leading expert and ask them to answer on our behalf. This book gathers over 100 real questions from children and puts them to some of our best-loved and most knowledgeable experts. Alain de Botton explores 'How are dreams made?', Kate Humble explains 'Why do lions roar?' and Heston Blumenthal answers 'Why do we cook food?' Their answers to the Big Questions - some complex, some searching, some surreal and some just plain cute - make this an essential handbook for anyone who wants to understand the complexities of life, the universe and why cakes taste so nice. Includes answers from Sir David Attenborough, Dame Kelly Holmes, Bear Grylls, Derren Brown, Noam Chomsky, Dr Richard Dawkins and many more.

New book

Heres an infographic for 'Big Questions from little people answered by some very big people' a new book from Faber and Faber.



It was the Association of Illustrators Images show last night at Somerset House. A couple of my illustrations won awards- The Big Fish Fight for Channel 4 and Finish what you start for The Do Lectures (you can buy a screenprint of this one for £20 from here) The show runs at Somerset House until the 28th October and then tours the country. More details here.