I worked on this design to cover a teepee thats used by friends who run outdoor gear/activity type company Alpkit.

Here they are painting it on in their lair.



Adam Hayes has a blog dedicated to the drawing of maps and he asked me if I'd like to contribute. So heres a map of my house/mind.
'Each artist has responded to the task of making a map of somewhere that they feel they belong.
Responses can include maps of places they live or grew up in, maps of the future or even of fictional locations and even maps of nowhere.'

Adams work can be seen here on his site.


Robert Frost

Cover for The Guardians G2 section for a feature about poetry.


Real Tme, Plot Lurch...

One for the Guardian Guide about the concept behind shows such as Lost and 24.


New Scientist

A cover illustration for New Scientist magazine about the top jobs in science.


I've had a few new things sent me recently.
This silkscreen print by Adam Hayes

and this print by Paul Thurlby

badges from Harvey Hartley

and some posters and weird stickers from Diego Medina in Brazil