'Design Supremo' have some of my Pretend to Work prints for sale at the moment and will have some new goods later on in the year. They also have some nice stuff by Sukie, Miles Donovan etc.


Studio pics

Heres some pictures of my new studio.

Tin moneybox...

A Run London medal that I designed. (I didn't run the 10k, I was busy that day.)

Red light


Some type for the NSPCC.....


This is a cover I did for 'Construction Manager' about builders leaving the UK for work abroad.


Blisters Show

Some photos of the show (borrowed from someone on flickr)


Watch this space

watch this space
If you're in London this weekend, Print Club are having a show of 35 posters by 35 artists in the east end. The prints are all screenprinted at 50x70cm and are £35 each. They are available at the show and then from the Print Club website afterwards. Heres mine.

Jody Barton, Andy Smith, Jenny Bowers, Blake Suarez, Chrissie Abotts, Eine, James Hurst, Studio Oscar, Rose Stallard, Dave Prosser, Edward Maddison, James O'Raw, Joe Wilson, Pure Evil, Tom Eastland, Alice Stallard, Tom Rowe, Laura Rayner, Luisa Uribe, Si Scott, Mateus Acioli, Andrew Rae, Ivan Mayorquin, Revenge is sweet, Jon Burgerman, Cept, Melvin Galapon, Steve Wilson, John Slade, AustinFromNEW, Ryan Todd, Matthew Hodson, Harry Malt, Seif Alhasani, Yann Brien, Richard Hogg, Ben Catton, Matthew Pringle, Run Don't Walk, Adam Hayes, Serge Seidlitz, Heiko, Louise Novell

Private View: 11th July, 6.30 - 10pm
Afternoon Print Battle: Saturday 12 – 5pm
Closing show bbq: Sunday 12-5pm
all at MC Motors, Millers Avenue, Dalston, E8 2DS