Prehistoric language?

Illustration for New Scientist, not very festive but its in the Christmas issue.
Its to accompany an article about how swear words could have been some of the first words used by man.
This is a toned down one- the original was much worse!



These 3 reissues of Arthur Conan Doyle collections were commissioned by The Radio Times/Penguin. They are some of the stories that will form the basis of the new Sherlock series starting soon on the BBC. You can get them free with the christmas issue of The Radio Times.


Christmas Knits

Heres my contribution to Christmas Knits, a show at the Breese Little Gallery in Clerkenwell. Designers Cai and Kyn asked lots of illustrators and artists to come up with seasonal knit designs which form the show and also feature in their Hohoho publication.


Paper, ink and workshop

I have some work in this book about printing by John Foster. As well as nice work its got lots of great photos of peoples messy/inky workshops and print studios.



Illustration for the Imbibe Magazine about using crowd funding to start new bar businesses.


New prints

Two news screenprints made for an exhibition of imagined book covers. You can buy them from my shop


Net Mag

Cover for Net Mag. They're had a redesign of the magazine and this is the first issue in the new style


Big Questions

Three of the infographics I've made for Faber and Faber to promote The Book of Big Questions.


The Moaning of Life

I've been working with Canongate on Karl Pilkingtons new book The Moaning of Life. I've drawn a lot of the lettering used in the book as well as lots of illustrations and a set of 'Karlisms' that introduce the chapters. The accompanying TV series has just started on Sky. Heres a few samples from the book.



Heres some snaps of a few of the illustrations that I have worked on for in Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's new book- River Cottage Fruit Everyday published by Bloomsbury. Apple pie anyone?



Two illustrations for The Guardian's Guide about the new Atlantis TV series

Business Awards

Illustration for a business supplement in the Telegraph



Why can't I tickle myself, published by Faber and Faber, its the companion to Does my Goldfish...

Booby Trap

Cover for The Booby Trap, published by Hot Key Books and edited by Dawn O'Porter. The proceeds from the book go to breast cancer charities.



Does my Goldfish know who I am? is the follow up book to The book of big questions that I worked on last year. Its full of kids questions that are answered by experts. Published by Faber and Faber the profits go towards the NSPCC.
(The answer to the title question is no, probably not)


A world of Trouble

Childrens book jacket for Aladdin in the US.


More Tutti

A short animation also made for Tutti.


Two of the posters I've been woking on for Tutti.ch in Switzerland. Its kind of like a swiss ebay.


Cadburys Mini Roll

Two new posters for Cadburys Mini Rolls. Commissioned by 101 London the final posters were printed out, frozen and photographed to give them a genuine icy feel.


Guardian- Property talk

Front cover for The Guardian money Section. Fluoro ink!


Off peak posters

3 Posters for Southern Trains.


Dig the city

Dig the City is a gardening themed week long festival held in Manchester. I worked with Modern Designers on all the promo materials including posters, print and web. More details here



An illustration in The Guardian about new mortgage offers.


Knowing about Rockets

Cover for Three things you need to know about Rockets by Jessica A Fox. Published by Short Books.


Know your onions

Four screenprinted plywood signs made for the Toast Festival in Shoreditch. Made in a small edition these are available from Material Gallery.