Colour ink book

Maybe you thought that moose should not have been blue or the rat should not have been pink? If so the Colour Ink Book is the book for you.
(COLOR INK BOOK IS THE DIY ART PERIODICAL brought to you by THE BROTHERS WASHBURN. The Brothers Washburn present Number Two features art from the likes of: Alex Chiu, Alex Eben Myer, Andy Smith, JFish, Marco Rached (SPRFKR), MCA, Nathan Spoor, Otter X, Sean Stepanoff).
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Eat my Globe

'Eat my Globe' jacket. Written by Simon Majumdar and published by John Murray this follows the story of the author as he travels the world in search of new foods. His no 1 worst meal was braised dog in China and his no 5 was fermented mares milk in Mongolia.

Text Gallery

The Art of lost words show (after the rush).



Inergetical- meaning sluggish

A screenprint made for 'The art of lost words' show. An exhibition of design, typography and illustration inspired by forgotten words.

41 participants have chosen from among the dictionary's lost but lovely words, with an open brief to create an original work inspired by their choice. Proceeds from sales go towards the National Literacy Trust.

Participants in order of words chosen: Angus Hyland / Andy Altmann: Why Not Associates / Geoff Grandfield / Sue Doggett / Jonathan Ellery / Andreas Pohancenik / Calum Storrie / Mark Webber / Ceri Amphlett / NB: Studio / Freda Sack / Daniel Pudles / Thomas Manss & Co / April / Kelvyn Lawrence Smith / Lara Harwood / Lila Szagun / johnson banks / Sam Winston / John Morgan / Russell Mills / Susanna Edwards / Andy Smith / Helen Ingham / No Days Off / Rama Lee / David Pearson / Audrey Niffenegger / Spyros Zevelakis / Mike Dempsey / Loftmatic / Marion Deuchars / Viviane Schwarz / SPIN / Kate Gibb / Brian Webb / David Quay / Alan Kitching / Lizzie Ridout / Hyperkit / Sam Messenger / Ellie Curtis / Christopher Rainbow / Jens Janson / Sarah Roesink / Jess Wilson / Leah Fusco


The Rainy season

'The Rainy season' is a new silkscreen printed book I've been working on. Its another book that features quite a lot of water, I'm slowly working my way through a massive pot of expensive blue silkscreen ink so when thats gone, the water/blue stuff stories will be finished. I've just bought a big pot of magenta so that will be next. Heres some close ups, for more info have a look at the shop section on my website.

Bristol Museum

Another type job, this one didn't go anywhere...

Book, envelope, card

Rainy day bits and pieces....



A bit of type from a piece that I'm working on for a French company. For the time being it has to remain top secret..