Money- the numbers project

My screenprinted submission for this project organised by the Type Directors Club in New York. -'Numbers communicate powerful information, especially when the numbers are, as they have been in the past few weeks, in the billions and trillions.
We are creating a body of work that explains these enormous numbers while illustrating the beauty of numerals and consequential design.'

These posters will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go the the TDC scholarship fund. Heres some more details.

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I really enjoyed your work. Comgratulations!!

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i recommend you a blog of one of the brazilian graffiti pioneers, a guy called MIGUEL CORDEIRO who created a graffiti persona called FAUSTINO back in 1978 and gained national recognition with his works on the streets..

a classic graffitiwriter/artist he´s a typical outsider and a kind of contracultural underground hero in Brazil.

his blog is considered here in brazil a reference for excellence and it shows his works, drawings, paintings as well his texts, aphorisms, poems, lyrics etc.

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