Brady Udall

Last year I worked on the cover for Brady Udalls The Lonely Polygamist for Vintage. Its now being released in the smaller regular paperback size and I've had the chance to re do the cover again. Here it is along with a matching rework of Udalls The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint. They are again published by Vintage. The art direction was by Kris Potter.

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Eesti said...

With its unconventional characters, shifting narrative viewpoint, and delicate tonal balance--Brady Udall's "The Lonely Polygamist" reminded me, on many occasions, of an early John Irving novel. That may be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your opinion of Irving--but, to me, it's an enormous compliment. While many readers may be inherently turned off by the notion of polygamy (and I have friends who staunchly refuse to read "The Lonely Polygamist"), there is so much to admire about Udall's prose that I have to proclaim this easily one of my favorite books of the year! Expertly blending the serious with the comedic, Udalll has fashioned an entertaining, touching and sometimes ridiculous tale about life, love, and loss within one enormous family.