I designed this T-shirt for Yutaka. You can buy them here. This is a project set up by Sanderson Bob, take a look at his site too, hes got some great work. Heres some blurb about Yutaka.

Yutaka Tajima is a family run independent clothing label based in Sheffield, just on the edge of the English Peak District.

It may be a Japanese name but we are proud to be British.

We started the label in 2004. Inspired by an idea to create a new shape, we produced a geometric Y.

A shape that is free from preconceived ideas. This became the integral part of Yutaka Tajima. This shape is enhanced, challenged and abstracted as we evolve. We are growing naturally, making considered choices.

We have collaborated with a vast range of people including, Carl Burgess, Hort, James Goggin, Bygg Studio, Jethro Haynes, David Rule, Erik Kessels + many more individuals and studios. Our profits are shared with the logo designer, reinforcing the project as a vehicle of creative expression rather than commercial gain. If you are interested in taking part in the Y design logo project please visit the create section of the website and download the collaboration guidelines.

Our clothes are entirely manufactured in Britain from start to finish. We are proud of the high standards and integrity of British manufacturing and will continue to support the industry. Forming long term relationships with great factories across Britain and also encouraging collaborations with inspirational individuals and groups all over the world.

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