High 5

I was one of 5 people chosen by Design Supremo to make print to celebrate their 5 years as a gallery. Heres some blurb-
Celebrating 5 years of Design Supremo, High 5 is the exciting ‘behind the scenes’ project from Ben Dodgson and Chris Lees, showcasing the talents and varying styles of five exceptional creatives working to one specific brief; ‘Design an A2 poster based on the theme ‘High 5’ in 1 colour only’. Specifically chosen, to offer a spectrum of styles that add to the uniqueness of the project, the High 5 artists are: Ian Anderson (founder of the Designers Republic), Paul Farrell, Stephen Kenny, Natsko Seki & Andy Smith.

They also made a short film about the process, that follows the production of the prints at Bob Eight Pop. You can see the film and the prints here

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Sarah said...

Congratulations on being chosen! This looks awesome! :)