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I was selected to take part in Bakers Dozen, a print project organised by Ted Baker and the AOI. The theme I was given to work with was the english breakfast. I've carried out quite a bit of research into this topic over the years and I felt as though I knew my subject. Theres some info below but all is explained on the Ted Baker site here.

Ted Baker is collaborating with The Association of Illustrators (AOI) to commission ‘Baker’s Dozen,’ whereby thirteen talented artists will produce one-off pieces of British themed artwork. Each A2 personally signed print will have a print run of 1000 copies and will be gifted to customers worldwide from 18thOctober 2012, spending over £150 on Ted’s new Autumn Winter 2012 collections.

The full list of illustrators involved is Sara Fanelli, Katherina Manolessou, Robert Shadbolt, Allan Deas, Laura Barrett, Alice Potter, Jane Smith, Paul Bommer, Freddy Boo, Gemma Latimer, Andy Smith, Matt Richards, Michael Woods and Lina Kusaite.

Nice embossing!


Michel said...

Very cool... I love the texture for the fire. Also went to check Ted Baker's site and saw the other artwork on the same theme. All extremly nice... specialy Ted Deas..

You always work on amazing projects.

Andy Smith said...

Thanks Michel. Theres some nice ones on there, I really like the Sara Fanelli and Katherina Manolessou prints.

Rosie (DubaiArtist.com) said...

Hi Andy, I just stumbled across your site. Very nice work and blog. Interesting you work from Hastings. We visit there all the time when we're back in the UK and one day hope to move there. Good to see it's possible to pick up work living outside of London.

Best wishes,