rsvp hrh

Thursday night is the private view of the alternative wedding invite RSVP HRH show. It will be at the Rag Factory on Brick Lane. I've posted my picture up as its on the internet already anyway, but they'll be work from 30 other designers including Bille Jean, Richard Hogg, Jesse Auersalo and Si Scott and also a live band and a charity auction of the prints. You can see some more of the work on the Creative Review blog here and all the details of the show are here (If you'd like to come along you need to rsvp them first: rsvphrh(at)gmail.com


Anonymous said...

I love this so much! Just brilliant - words and execution. Saw it first this morning on HAI. I wish I were in London so I could see the show. Alas, I am 5000 miles away.

Andy Smith said...