Wooden things

I've been making these out in the garden this weekend. The entire house, windows and me are now all covered in a fine wood dust but they are all done and nice and smooth. I am going to paint them for my Soma show. They are based on my Its nice that drawings from the previous post so no surprises about what they are going to be about. They aren't going to be chopping boards.


Scott Garrett said...

Nice one Andy. I've got clay dust everywhere here!
Have been planning to cut wood shapes too... but haven't got the tools! a hacksaw might take a while.
Look forward to seeing them painted, i know i'm going to love the goldfish bowl..... that was a great idea/drawing.

Andy Smith said...

Clay dust must be even worst, still its going to rain soon so no more dust talk then. I did these with a jigsaw, The blade bent a bit so they are a but wonky but hopefully that will add to the charm..a bit like a wonky pot I suppose! Maybe wonk is good.

shabnam said...

Great idea!! Very innovative!!!

Scott Garrett said...

Wonk is always good!
Spirit not Perfection!!... that's a blog post coming soon.